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The impact and significance of opening a business operation cannot be overstated. It is an event that is not only about a fancy ribbon-cutting ceremony complete with bubbles, balloons, and applause.

It is an effective marketing tool for promoting your company, attracting new customers, showcasing your success, and increasing brand loyalty.

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This is how we make a sucCessful inauguration

The complete  three-step process we follow in organizing personalized
company inaugurations

Setting of Expectation 

An initial meeting will be held with the company's assigned team in order to formulate and communicate expectations during the event's planning and execution phases.

A checklist of items required during the execution is provided. Project management will also be discussed, including activities, goals, and timelines.


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Each deliverable from the project management chart is closely monitored to ensure that nothing is missed on the day of the event.

Everything from speakers to food to physical setup is pre-monitored to avoid mishaps during the day. Even the weather forecast is checked to ensure that alternative plans are in place if the weather turns unfavorable.



At this stage, communication is at an all-time high. To avoid costly delays, our team, along with the project's stakeholders, are heavily involved in the loop.

Regular check-ins are performed, which is made possible by the use of our project management tool.