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Groundbreaking ceremony

A groundbreaking ceremony may appear to be a simple program, but it should not be devoid of social interaction and public relations elements.

As you introduce your new building project to communities, you'll most likely want to make it enjoyable or rather memorable.

To ensure that no detail is overlooked, we've compiled a list of everything you'll need for a successful groundbreaking ceremony.

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this is how we make a successful groundbreaking

We make it safe, creative, and memorable.




To ensure that the groundbreaking site is safe, the local code enforcement and the company's safety procedures are visited.

Bringing in restrooms and installing electricity, as well as erecting tents and serving food, are all code-compliant.

We make the event as lively and engaging as possible making it more entertaining and memorable.

We're not going to dally! We want our guests to leave feeling energized and entertained, rather than exhausted from listening to self-congratulatory speeches all day.

Our landscaping and decorations are designed to draw people's attention. We welcome visitors with a creative and beautiful setup in the center of the site.

From an aesthetic and logistical standpoint, everything is done to personalize the event based on the project's purpose.


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