We make life easy for our brides and grooms

Choose what will make your wedding preparations go as smoothly as possible.

You are a very busy employee of a company or a preoccupied entrepreneur and you barely have enough time to prepare for your wedding. Or, maybe you work from abroad and the time differences between the country where you are and the time in the Philippines make it hard for you to communicate with your ideal suppliers. 

Then, better get our complete and worry-free wedding packages so you wouldn't have to worry about anything. All suppliers will be provided by us.

You have the time to prepare for your wedding and all you need is a wedding planner who could help you navigate the whole process of wedding. Or, all you need is a good executioner of the wedding plans you have prepared.

Then, better get any of our planning service such as

Full wedding coordination, Semi-full wedding coordination and On-the-day coordination.